Carrie Worthen and Ben Pope, Partners

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Since teaming in 1995, we’ve produced graphic design works for independent, non-profit and select corporate clients. Our identity systems rely on a unique web presence as the backbone of the brand. We develop database-backed websites with custom CMS implementations and specialized web-based apps. Whatever type of design we take on we’re looking for the unique voice of that project—and with Carrie coming at it from the art side and Ben the tech our combined forces are always able to find it. We think design lies not only in the visual but in the unseen structures that support it, both aspects keep us seeking the strongest solutions.

The Blue Fist

/ Political Branding / Multiple Campaigns / Logos, Web, Signage, Ads, Video, Direct Mail, etc.

We volunteered the design of a symbol for the Wisconsin AFL-CIO in their fight against the anti-union actions of their tea party governor. It shows Wisconsin as a revolutionary raised fist in Democratic blue, surrounded by an expanse of Republican red with Madison as a white star. The colors are bright, the lines jagged and bold keeping the message positive. The fist evolved from “Wisconsin-state-shaped” to a standard solidarity fist for CWA New Jersey.